VIDEO: 2020 Mercedes E53 AMG | Gimmicks and Engineering

Mercedes-Benz E53 RWD Coupe
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We do a comprehensive review on the 2020 Mercedes E53 AMG to see if the engineering and badge make the car worth the nearly 97k pricetag. The market of 100k coupes is small however, there are some crazy examples like the Jaguar F Type, Porsche 911, Lexus LC500, and BMW 8 Series. While the E53 lacks the V8 it adds plenty of tech including an electric supercharger.


00:00 - 1:08 Intro
1:08 - 7:38 Interior Impressions
7:38 - 11:07 Mechanical Talk, Suspension, Body, and Engineering
11:07 - 14:49 Mechanicals, Transmission, and Engine
14:49 - 21:49 Driving Impressions
21:49 Final Thoughts and Audio Testing

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